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Timbeur Voyages

Established in 1978, Timbeur Voyages provides visitors the opportunity to experience the serene beauty of the Algerian Sahara. They offer several tour packages that can accommodate everyone comfortably, and you can choose options such as going forward hiking, riding on camels, or even tours using 4x4 vehicles. See what they have to offer and read up on what you need to know.

The Saharan Route - Travel Agency and Desert Tour Specialist

La Route du Sahara – Agence de voyages, spécialiste du désert

La Route du Sahara specializes in desert tours that are adventure-filled-yet-comfortable in the beautiful Saharan desert. Pick from one of their themed tours or create your own, and choose if you want to go by hiking, on camel, or via 4x4 vehicles. Additionally, you can also find links to books and resources on the local culture, music, history, and more. You can also find La Route du Sahara on Twitter and YouTube.

Assikel Art & Tourism

Assikel Art & Tourisme

The Tamanrasset-based Assikel Art & Tourism is a tourist agency that offers a wide variety of accessible and customizable tours and trips into the Saharan desert. Go by hiking, on camel, or via 4x4, or go for a more sports-tinged tour via motorbikes, rock climbing, and mountain biking. Assikel also offers more culture-themed packages such as archeology, Tuareg music, African Sahara gastronomy, and more.

Amina Travel Services - Algerian Trips and Tours

Amina Travel Services – Voyage Algérie

The Algiers-based Amina Travel Services offers a variety of customizable Algeria and Algerian Sahara tour packages for both individuals and groups. Discover more of what they have to offer, take in the local history and culture, and experience the beauty of the Saharan desert. You can also get in touch with Amina Travel Services via Facebook.

Ghoufi Tours - Algeria-based Tourist Services and Travel Agency

Ghoufi Tours – Agence du Tourisme et Voyage en Algérie

Established at the turn of the century, the Batna-based Ghoufi Tours offers and organizes a variety of tours for both small and large groups in a variety of themes and settings. Visit archeological sites and historical places, relax in spas and beaches, or take part in cultural events and sporting activities. Ghoufi Tours can also be found on Facebook.


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The Sahara Desert

Article vedette | Special Feature

5 Interesting Facts About the Sahara Desert That You Might Not Have Known

When most of us think “Saharan Desert”, our minds usually conjure up images of sand dunes, camels, and essentially anything that's sandy brown and can tolerate the blistering sun and heat. It's a desert, right? True, and while the Sahara certainly has elements of the stereotype, it's much more than just the combination of simplistic, almost caricaturish elements of what people imagine all deserts might be – the Sahara is actually a bit more interesting than we might give it credit for.

So that being said, let's take a look at five interesting facts about the Sahara Desert that you may not have known:

Fact #1: The Sahara Desert Spans 11 Countries

The Sahara Desert covers nearly the entirety of Northern Africa. Its 9 million square kilometers of land currently extends to 11 countries: Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Sudan, Western Sahara, and Tunisia.

Fact #2: The Sahara Desert Doesn't Actually Have As Much Sand As a Lot of People Think It Does

While the Saharan desert does indeed have sand and dunes as you would imagine a desert might have, most of the Sahara actually consists of rocky hamada – largely barren, hard, and rocky landscape with very little sand – with sand dune seas forming only a minor part of it;[1] in fact, only about 30% of the Sahara's soil is sand.[2]

Fact #3: Camels Were Only a Recent Addition to the Saharan Desert

Dinosaurs aside, there were animals that were common to the Sahara Desert that predated camels by quite a long time: animals such as crocodiles, cattle, giraffes, elephants, and lions – some depicted in prehistoric rock paintings[3] – were already roaming the Sahara long before camels were introduced into the area, which was around the 3rd Century C.E.[4]

Fact #4: The Sahara is Not the Biggest Desert in the World...

Sure, you could place the entire continent of America in it and still have room to spare, but the Sahara is in fact not the biggest desert in the world[5] – that distinction currently belongs to Antarctica, which is considered a polar desert.

Five #5: …But It's Still Getting Bigger

The Sahara Desert has grown by 3.5 million miles in the last sixty years.[6] One estimate states that the Sahara is currently growing its borders at a rate of 0.6 kilometers annually[7] due to desertification.

There we go – while a lot of hot deserts share some common characteristics, they certainly aren't all alike, and the Sahara is certainly a lot more interesting once you take a closer look at it – just make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen with you if you do.

About the Author: Andre Salvatierra is a freelance writer who loves culture, technology, and well-designed things and great experiences. You can find him on Medium and Twitter.